V.K. Singh’s remarks seen as a veiled message to China

V.K. Singh’s remarks seen as a veiled message to China

Speaking at the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) foreign ministers’ meet in Beijing, VK Singh said that “terrorists cannot be differentiated as good or bad”. India has been miffed with China for continuously opposing UN sanctions on Pakistan-based terrorist Masood Azhar.

“Terrorism remains one of the most potent global menaces and threatens global peace”.

VK Singh stressed that terrorists cannot be differentiated as good or bad. They are terrorists, they are criminals and we need to have concerted actions both regionally and internationally to curb their activities. He informed that among BRICS, there is a strong consensus that all terrorism must be condemned.

Joint Exercise in Xinjiang Mil Region with an eye Towards Counter Terrorist Operations.


Recently, an Army Aviation Brigade in Xinjiang Military Region, undertook joint training for pilots and ground tactical teams. The Brigade Commander Zhao bin, stated that the joint exercise is aimed to have better understanding and coordination between the pilots in the air  & the tactical teams on ground below . The young pilots who graduated last year, classified as “special warfare units”, have been made responsible for ground assault and alert missions, along with the commandos, trained in fire assault. The Exercise has improved the cohesion and understanding of the tasks of the fighter pilots and  the tactical team commanders

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