In the past three months, the Chinese government has systematically destroyed thousands of Mosques in the Muslim Xinjiang region, by declaring them as old and unsafe structures and later on did not give permission for reconstruction. The Mosques were demolished as a part of “Mosque Rectification” campaign launched by the Chinese Central Ethnic-Religious Affairs Department, the Uyghur Autonomous. China has about 50 Million Muslims and it believes that Uyghur extremists are threat to the society and the main reason for violent clashes against the Government.
The Chinese government has taken the issue very seriously and has vowed to root out the Uyghur extremists out of China. It is also said that the Police often conduct sudden raids on houses of Uyghur extremists and seize their properties and put complete restriction on Islamic practice, clothing and speaking their language. According to reports, the Chinese government has destroyed around 5000 Mosques in Xinjiang which is called the Muslim capital of China and curbed following practices:-
• No Muslim is supposed to fast during Ramzan.
• No person is allowed to wear Muslim attire like burqa. The Chinese had declared that Burqa was a garment of extremism and anyone who follows the tradition is bound to face severe punishment.
• Loudspeakers are banned in Mosques.
• Children below 18 years are not allowed to enter Mosques.
• No government jobs for Uyghur Muslims. They are only meant for Han Chinese.
View Point
Why Muslim countries and specially Pakistan are so silent about the suffering of their Muslim brothers in China, applying the same analogy to their criticism of Israel in Palestine issue?
Why are Indian liberals feigning ignorance as they are quite vocal about the same issues elsewhere in the world and especially in India? Recently, Zakir Musa welcomed the Rohingya Muslim refugees from Bangladesh asked them to settle in Kashmir. Why is same logic not applied to the innocent Kashmiris Pandits, who were brutally driven out of their Home Land.
Why are Hunan Rights activist including UN quite about it?
Everywhere there is a hypocrisy in dealing with this issue. The reason is simple China knows of their double standards and therefore, does not care about what they say. More importantly China has the capacity to suck them dry, economically.

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