Hafiz Sayeed’s call to join Pakistan politics has opened new vistas for the home grown terror industry of Pakistan. Imagine a scenario if Hafiz Sayeed becomes PM of Pakistan one day. This possibilty has sparked a debate in the intellectual circles in Pakistan and internationally. Analysts and experts on South Asian affairs are highly skeptical about theJUD’s intentions and promises, and they wonder whether JuD or its associates in Lashkar-e-Taiba will really cut ties to militant groups. Some suggest the new Milli Muslim League could be a camouflage to mask future nefarious activities.
“It is highly unlikely that Hafiz Saeed will sever the ties [with militant groups] that have helped sustain his popularity in recent years,” Michael Kugelman, a South Asia analyst at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington opined”. Hafiz Sayeed is likely to gain legitimacy for his views and ideas by being seen as a political figure, working from within the system, and not merely as a militant leader dabbling in charitable work”. Whether or not he will leave his past behind is question mark. Hafiz Saeed first came under house arrest in 2009 after a U.N. committee put him on a list of people accused of supporting al-Qaida. A Pakistani court subsequently released him for a lack of sufficient evidence, but he was confined to his home once again this year.
Saifullah Khalid, who describes himself as president of the new Milli Muslim League, says the erstwhile political party is demanding Saeed’s immediate freedom.
“Once he is released,” Khalid said this week, “we will seek his guidance and ask what role he wants” in the future.

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