11 Sep 2017/Monday

Organisation of Islamic Countries has slammed the brutal suppression of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar Government, forcing nearly three hundred thousand Muslims to flee to Bangladesh besides burning their houses and worship places.

The OIC asked the Myanmar government to eliminate root cause including the denial of citizenship based on the “1982 Citizenship Act” which led to statelessness and deprival of rights to Rohingyas.  As per Radio Pakistan, the OIC members took this stance at a meeting held exclusively on the side-lines of the first OIC Summit on science and technology in Astana, Kazakhstan on Sunday.

 It demanded the Myanmar government to allow the United Nations Human Rights Council’s fact finding mission to probe into alleged violations of global human rights laws and bring the perpetrators to justice. Meanwhile, the United Nations has appealed for aid to deal with a humanitarian crisis in southern Bangladesh after the influx of nearly three hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims. Amnesty International has accused Myanmar’s military of planting land mines in the path of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Rakhine state. The human rights organizations said today that Myanmar has openly used anti-personnel land mines.


Similar kind of situation is also brewing up in China due to brutal suppression of Chinese Uighur Muslims. IBNS a renowned International Agency has reported that Anti-Muslim posters have emerged in China, warning citizens to be aware of ‘people with beard, black clothes or black robes’. Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping had spoken about the need for non-Chinese religions to adopt “Chinese characteristics.”

This development comes post the crack down on Islamic names, Destruction of Mosques, Namaz, long beards and burqa by the Chinese government. Over the years, Beijing has riled many human rights watchdogs for its behaviour towards the ethnic Uyghur, who it treats as dissidents. China’s Muslims generally are either Turkic-speaking Uighurs, who live in the autonomous and restive northwest region of Xinjiang, or Hui, who share the Han’s ethnicity. Uighurs want independence from China, while the Hui are well integrated into Chinese society.

However no word has come out from OIC in support of Uighur Muslims.


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