23 Oct 17 / Monday

Demands More Security For Chinese Ambassador to Pak.In a bizarre turn of events, China has requested the Pakistan government to increase the security of Mr Yao Jing, newly appointed Chinese ambassador in Islamabad, after the intelligence information that terrorists are planning to attack him. The focal person for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Ping Ying Fi, has identified Abdul Wali as the terrorist and also shared the details of his passport. Wali belongs to the banned East Turkmenistan Independence Movement (ETIM) an extremist group which largely operates in China’s troubled northwestern border region of Xinjiang.

China has followed barbaric practice to deny every fundamental right to its Uygher Muslim population living in Xinjiang. As a result, China’s Xinjiang province is facing insurgency by Uyghur Muslims, which also have their historical links with the terrorist wing of ETIM. China has always suspected Pakistan of harbouring the ETIM terrorists but never came out openly blaming Pakistan. Pakistan on the other hand has played their cards deftly and always denied their existence on its soil. Incidentally Pak COAS has repeatedly claimed Operation Radd ul Fasad and Khyber IV as a huge success in many forums both nationally and Internationally. The latest request by China to Pakistan to provide more security to their Ambassador is a direct slap on the face of the government, Army and the notorious ISI.


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