23 Oct 17/Monday

With more than 500,000 Chinese about to arrive in Gwadar alone the Demographic Profile all along the CPEC is set to change.  A leading Chinese investment company, called China Pak Investment Company (CPIC) announced recently at a press conference in London to invest $500 million in Gwadar in first phase of project aimed at building homes for around 500,000 incoming Chinese professionals expected in Gwadar by 2023.

China Pak Investment Corporation (CPIC) announced that the partnership with Top International Engineering Corporation (TIEC), a Chinese state-owned company with over $100 Billion worth of projects delivered since 1950 to develop China Pak Hills the first Chinese built Master-Community in Gwadar.

Jian Zheng of China Pak Investment Corporation said: “China’s economic policy for development will someday soon, transform nations like Pakistan into developed economy status. This vision has driven the partnership of The China Pak Investment Corporation and Top International Engineering Corporation to develop China Pak Hills formerly known as International Port City with the Gwadar Development Authority.”

Interestingly, Pak China Hills, a housing project in Gawadar is only for the Chinese people; There is nothing for the locals in this project. However, it is for sure that lot of locals will be employed in menial support jobs in the Chinese township. Baloch people are rightly asking that; what are they going to get from the CPEC. Real estate in Gwadar is in hands of Pakistani Punjabi Businessmen who moved early and bought huge chunks of land in Gwadar from the locals at dirt cheap rates. So if any Pakistani Businessmen who gets the benefits from development of Gwadar it is the Punjabi Community and not the Baloch people. Balochistan will also continue to simmer in the heat of insurgency for quite sometimes for these reasons alone.

The law and order situation in Gawadar is also very poor just few days earlier several bombs were blasted in the city. Earlier Chinese engineres were killed by the local freedom fighters. The local people of Balochistan and political parties had always been raising their concerns against the demographic change in Balochistan.

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