25 Nov 2017/Saturday.

CAIRO — In the deadliest-ever attack by Islamic extremists in Egypt, militants assaulted a crowded mosque Friday during prayers, blasting helpless worshippers with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades and blocking their escape routes. At least 235 people were killed before the assailants got away. Yesterday’s attack is the deadliest attack on a Muslim congregation. The mosque belonged to a local clan, the Jreer, so many of its members worshipped there. The Army was within kilometers and the assailants escaped before the security forces reacted. No one has claimed the responsibility but IS group affiliate the Sufis in the past.
This attack in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula targeted a mosque frequented by Sufis, members of a mystic movement within Islam. This assumes importance in the subcontinent as IS is set to influence with its radicalism Northern and Western parts of Pakistan and Kashmir have maximum Sufis. However, the ISIS is infiltrating. Islamic militants, including the local affiliate of the Islamic State group, consider Sufis heretics because of their less literal interpretations of the faith.
Facts of this attack
This attack in the town of Bir al-Abd also wounded at least 109, according to the state news agency. It is a sign that, despite more than three years of fighting between the Egyptian government and IS-let insurgents, the Government has failed. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi vowed that the attack “will not go unpunished” and that Egypt would persevere with its war on terrorism. But he did not specify what new steps might be taken. The military and security forces have already been waging a toughest campaign against militants in the towns, villages and desert mountains of Sinai, and Egypt has been in a state of emergency for months. Across the country, thousands of terrorists belonging to IS have been arrested in a crackdown on suspected Islamists as well as against other dissenters and critics, raising concern about human rights violations. The IS affiliate is also believed to be behind the targeting of Russian passenger in 2016 jet, that killed 226 people.
The act is described to be so horrific that even President Donald Trump denounced what he called as a “horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshippers. The world cannot tolerate terrorism” he said on Twitter, “we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence!”
Recently Islamic militants have stepped up their campaign of violence in the Northern part of Sinai after the military took over in 2013.
Relevance to the world
It would be pertinent to note how ISIS will react to the presence of other Muslim sects notably Barelvi, Shi’a, Deobandi, Ahle Hadith, Sufism, and Ahmadiyya, especially here in Pakistan. This attack will show us our future as we will not be in a position to distinguish between state-sponsored Lashkar and ISIS until they strike us. It would be better that we stop all the terror activities within our states and unite with the world to eliminate the ISIS terror from the face of the earth. It seems we have dug our own grave by fueling the terror in humanity rather than peace. Terror is a Shaitan who is engulfing and killing people, else where on earth did prophet preach us to kill those who are about to read or hear sermons in a place of worship.

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