08 Jan 2018, Tuesday : We know that Pakistan has earned itself a villainous image and become a Self-Harming Nation. Our political and social values struck in the medieval period. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We blindly trusted our Military and these leaders had plundered our nation. We are a water-starved country. Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in the international arena. The Indus Water Treaty of 1960 gives us some scope of respite. If we try to damage the treaty due to our obsession on Kashmir we might be left thirsty for life. We had been dependant on the US aid for military and economic sustenance from 1951. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future by becoming a Self-Harming Nation.

Obsession with Kashmir

Pakistan Army seems to be obsessed with Kashmir, had we forgotten the Kashmir issue we could have been much better. Every year we are spending much above our capability on upkeep and maintenance of our Army, Navy and Air Force. Had we not wasted in quarrelling with India on Kashmir all that money could have been well spent on development. Today Pakistan does not manufacture any capital goods but only consumes it. War will take Pakistan to the stone age if it extends beyond two days. The only real reason for this is that all rivers of Pakistan flow from Kashmir. Pakistan fears that India might divert them and create havoc in Pakistan’s purely agrarian economy. Pakistan Army also has a lot of real-estate dreams on Kashmir. This is the policy only a self-harming nation would follow.

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PM Abbasi addresses the 72nd United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York. 22 Sep 2017.

Indus Water Treaty of 1960

The Indus Water Treaty which was signed in 1960, has remained intact since Indians never thought of revoking it. As per the treaty, Indians can anytime dissolve it without prior notice if they feel that behaviour of Pakistan is hostile. With the present terror acts, the BJP led government in India is thinking of opting for unilaterally cancelling this treaty. This will hit Pakistan which has only 30 days’ supply of water as compared to 120 days in case of India. For Pakistan, the recommended water storage capacity is 1000 days. Unless we leave this blind obsession about Kashmir we will become a self-harming nation.


“Blood and water cannot flow together.” PM Modi, India after Uri attack in 26 September 2017.

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Indian PM Modi has already indicated his view of reviewing Indus Water Treaty. According to Ahmer Bilal Soofi, “There is no provision in the Indus water treaty to scrap the agreement unilaterally”. It seems he has not gone through the treaty available online. It seems that Mr. Soofi further adds, “There is no precedent where a country has reneged on an international agreement. Such agreements are not between governments but between states — and states are bound to honor them”. He does not realize Pakistan did not honor the very first UN resolution on Kashmir. According to Article XII of the treaty, Indians can back off anytime our learned scholars have to read it before commenting. Indian threat is real and imminent if we do not reconsider our hostility to India we surely will pay dearly.

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Global terrorists threatening Defence Minister of a Self-Harming Nation

JuD chief Hafiz Saeed had recently served Pakistan Defence Minister a Rs 100 million rupees for defamation. This is the result of Government’s decision to ban JuD from collecting donations following US President’s stoppage of aid. This will mean both direct and indirect benefit for India. Hafiz Saeed wanted defense minister to give a written apology and seek his forgiveness, promise that he will not repeat the same in future. His lawyer warned that if Defence Minister does not abide by this he will be prosecuted under section 500 of Pakistan Penal Code, which has a maximum punishment of two years. We can see a globally designated terrorist terrorizing a Defence Minister of a nuclear power with legal action. This can happen only in a Self-Harming Nation.

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Action by Army

Army treats Hafiz Saeed as a strategic asset. Hafiz as a man is afraid that he will be killed soon by Indians or by US agents. So he can be seen as fidgeting while giving a statement against India. Is he afraid of India or US or Pakistan Army? Pakistan Army will not touch him even after he threatened Defence Minister. He is being used as a front end of being a leader providing strategic asset providing depth to Pakistan Army. This form of strategic depth is a good act but taking Pakistan into medieval ages. He and his followers are hate mongers and are making more enemies and forcing Pakistan into Chinese Banks. Even after sufficient warning why will a country not leave the wrong path unless it’s a Self-Harming Nation.

Self-Harming Nation is also an unIslamic Nation

Pakistan is an Islamic nation following Sharia. Sharia prohibits “riba”, or “usury”, defined as interest paid on all loans of money (although some Muslims dispute whether there is a consensus that interest is equivalent to riba). We have already taken loans worth $33 million from China for CPEC and more as our Dollar reserves have dwindled. Pakistan today is taking loans for repayment of its own loans. All this is to just to pay the maintenance of Pakistan Army’s equipment. If Pakistan cannot afford a war why to pick enmity with larger, prosperous and more progressive neighbours. But Pakistan Civilian government cannot think unless guided by Pakistan Army being a Self-Harming Nation. This is again a sign of Self-Harming Nation.

Worsening Water Crisis in Self-Harming Nation

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Thousands of people are getting admitted to various hospitals for Diarrhoea and blood infections. They are afflicted by Pakistan’s severely polluted and decreasing water supplies. They are people who daily drink from a steam in the suburb of Islamabad. These streams over time are choked with filth and unfit for human or animal consumption. With public potable water not being provided by the administration for most of its population, the poor are being driven to these streams for their daily minimum supply of water. If this is the state in our capital, then one can imagine the situation in remote areas of Baluchistan or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It is reported by UNICEF that 53,000 children die of bacterial contamination in Pakistan annually. Cases of cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid are rampant in the capital itself. If we neglect India as a problem being projected by Pakistan Army, the biggest problem is Drinking water. This is the issue that is haunting the people around the country. We are the only Nuclear-tipped country who cannot give our citizens drinking water. If this is not the character of a Self-Harming Nation, then what is?

Points to Ponder

Pakistan has been obsessed with Kashmir due to Pakistan Army’s ambition. The fertile territory close to the line of control if audited today belongs to retired army officers of Pakistan. This obsession of Kashmir is actually a real-estate dream of Pakistan Army. Kashmir Obsession brought us into hostility with India. Indian PM already has threatened to scrap Indus water treaty. Pakistan Army has developed proxies like Hafiz Saeed and his gang in Difa-e-Pakistan Council which is an umbrella organization for more than 40 fundamentalists groups.

The US has already stopped it’s financial aid to Pakistan. This stoppage has led us to take more loans at a very high-interest rate which is neither practical nor Islamic. None of these fake Islamic clerics have issued a fatwa on the subject against Government of Pakistan on this as they require Pakistan Army backing to survive. There is water crisis in our country which is resulting in death of more than 53,000 children to bacterial infections. Unless we stop being a Self-Harming Nation we cannot progress and will soon lose our identity as the only Islamic country having Nuclear Weapons.

Author identity is being withheld due to security reasons. Author is a freelancer pursuing research in financial audit from University of Lahore.

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