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17 Jan 2018, Wednesday: On one hand MQM leader and an eminent scholar, Dr. Hasan Zafar Arif is found dead in mysterious circumstances in Karachi’s Ilyas Goth, a dozen young girls are raped, killed and dumped in Kasur, mass protests are paralyzing state machinery, anyone who dares to raise his voice disappears (be it journalists or Baluchs), a global militant Hafiz Saeed is hero worshiped and fed to keep  the  anti-India pot simmering, openly delivering hate speeches, misleading the youth of the nation, a 100 taxis are launched in Washington D.C having signages reading #FreeKarachi for equality and freedom. And on the other a bunch of Pakistani politicians are celebrating announcement of Paigham-e-Pakistan Fatwa. Another gimmick to fool democracy. All these factors are contributing to instability in Pakistan.

This isn’t laughable but pitiable.  Further wracked by terrorism, extremism and sectarianism Pakistan is a volcano about to explode. But is the government serious about these issues ? Or is the public blinded to see this chaotic state.

Instability in Pakistan leaves people frustrated

It appears that Pakistani have no faith and have lost hope in their system. In Pakistan life is a fragile piece in time which has little or no value. Women at the receiving end lay at the bottom of such Maslow theory. Politically, Pakistan is rigid and socially unjust. Much of the Pakistani population is immune to this fact. In Pakistan, terrorism and crime have become all too common.

Pakistanis clearly see their country in crisis grappled in the problems  of unemployment, housing, transport, education, health, supply of water, electricity and gas and above all terrorism. There is no denying that Pakistan over the years has harmed itself more than anyone else could have harmed it. The people of Pakistan, torn between the civil and military divide have been mute spectators to the drama that has been unfolding. The above issues have now  amalgamated into  a dangerous situation which is the root cause of instability in Pakistan.  

Taking a dig at Pakistan, Nadeem Nusrat, a Pakistani-American politician, who is also the incumbent convener of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said it’s a shame that Pakistani forces have murdered a Ph.D. Scholar, while Hafiz Saeed is provided with the official protection. Terror outfit like Taliban is provided with the safe terror havens and even al-Qaeda’s founder Osama bin Laden was provided with the same.

It is high time Pakistani’s realize that any number of Paigham-e-Pakistan cant save Pakistan. It is up to Pakistanis to decide were in they ought to change their foreign state policy as well as security policy or explode as a deadly volcano.


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