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Whom to blame in  Pakistan? Failed governance or Army ?


Seven-year-old Zainab from Pakistan’s Punjab Province’s Kasur District could not have foreseen her life cut short this way, but the Pakistani Government and law enforcement were aware of the statistics; which unfortunately revealed that 12 girls aged five to eight were killed in the same area in the last one year. But the issue is much larger than one case. According to Sahil, an NGO that works on the specific area of child sexual abuse, statistics for the first six months of 2017 reveals that in Kasur alone, a total of 129 cases of child assault were reported. Of these, 34 were abductions; 23 were rapes. In the last three years, a total of 720 incidents have been reported from Kasur.

Child pornography- Is this what Pakistan has come to?

What followed Zainab’s murder was an uproar in social media, jibes on the societal attitude to rape and sexual abuse but the big question is, what is the Pakistani government and Pakistan Army doing about it? Are they back to slumber?

An evil closely associated with such incidents which remains oblivious to media frenzy is child pornography. Right after Zainab’s rape and murder, it was reported that about 280 children, most of them less than 14-year-old, of Husain Khanwala village, about 5km from Kasur, were sexually abused and filmed. The victims were forced to have sex, and the videos were then circulated for 50 Rupees (40 US cents, 36 euro cents). A journalist working for Pakistani website “The Nation” posted some information about the videos on Twitter: “Abusers filmed young children, blackmailed them and their parents. Many children tried to hide from the camera.”

Pakistan’s FIA knew about cases of child pornography

Once the can of worms opened it hit the national chord, Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) then sheepishly admitted to the presence of groups involved in child pornography in the country stating that there is proof related to such cases. Khalid Anis, deputy director of FIA Cybercrime Wing had confirmed that FIA has been conducting three inquiries relating to child pornography in Punjab. One of the inquiry pertains to suspect Taimur Maqsood, held from Jhang, while the other is from Attock district and the third inquiry is related to suspect Engineer Saadat who was arrested from Sargodha last year. Around 65,000 videos of Pakistani children were recovered from Saadat, with the suspect himself involved in such violent films.

The fate of these inquiries is unknown. In all likelihood, these also will be brushed under the carpet since many things are at stake. As per ‘Dawn’ it is revealed that the higher-ups (Pakistan Army & government) most definitely want to downplay this issue fearing public outcry.

This is not Islam

Pakistan’s children are being abused but no permanent safeguards exist to protect them. Who is the Pakistan Army safeguarding then if not the children of Pakistan? Or is it right to say that they are the reason why such hideous incidents are on a rise? Is deep state-imposed Islamism, instability, and poverty not the root cause of such evils like child pornography and child rapes? The rise in the civil-military divide, puppet government, global outcasting as a terrorist nation, fragile borders, and the list goes on.

Signs of Qiyamah are here

Where has the Pakistani Army led the nation to? Are We Near Doomsday? Signs of Qiyamah are already seen in Pakistan! Honesty is lost and untrustworthy people have become our leaders. Child abuse and adultery have become widespread. People are indulging in riba, consuming alcohol and committing zina. However, in official imagination and records, no children have been raped. But an absence of statistics does not denote an absence of the crime. If only Pakistan Army stopped propagating radical Islam (jihad) and stopped turning Pakistan into an abnormal society (which it has already – fallouts of jihad ) only then can we hope that our children will be safe in our own homes.

06 March 18/Tuesday.

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