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Pakistan Army resorts to blatant “WHITE LIES”

Pakistan Army has continuously resorted to “White lies” to serve it’s own agenda. The line between ‘white lies’ and lying in general is constantly getting blurred wrt Pakistan army’s actions. A country’s Army should be it’s pride and not a means to serve political agendas through blatant lies hidden under the blanket of so called “White lies”.

Pakistan Army
Pakistan Military operation in Kashmir

What does the Hadeeth say?

Ibn Shihaab, one of the narrators of the hadeeth said: I did not hear of any concession being granted concerning anything that people call lies except in three cases:

  1. War
  2. Reconciling among people
  3. What a man says to his wife or a woman says to her husband.

However, If we talk about lying in the case of war, the rule in Quran is “never to deceive in principle.” It appears that people often misunderstand what Prophet said, that war is khud’ah. Khud’ah is a stratagem, a tactical maneuver to mislead the enemy. It is not treachery, deception or breach which would be ‘khiyaanah’. The scholars of Islam agree, a Muslim is permitted; in-fact required, to hide an innocent or wrongly persecuted person from oppressors, and if he must lie in this pursuit, he can. But even in such cases, lying should be avoided if possible.

According to Quran white lies are certainly not permissible especially at the cost of principles, ethos or the quintessence of professionalism.

Yet we are left asking simple questions:

  • Why have white lies become the order of the day for Pakistan Army?
  • Why can’t they righteously earn respect rather than adopt unfair means to stay relevant?
  • Why keep their own people in dark or is Pakistan Army above their own people?

Has Pakistan Army forgotten its own motto “Iman, Taqwa and Jihad fi Sabilillah” meaning- “Faith, piety, and war in the name of God”. As faith is demolished, peity is misused, and “WAR” is impacting the country’s own citizens!

‘White lies’ have become Pakistan Army’s most potent weapon to stay in power in Pakistan

A State within a State – A Modern Rogue Army

Throughout age and evolution of Pakistan, from 1947 till date, Pakistan army has consciously acted in a fashion that it is singularly recognized as the most important pillar of Pakistan. While Generals Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq and Musharraf ruled directly as Presidents or Chief Martial Law Administrators, the other army chiefs achieved perfection in the fine art of backseat driving. It is a known fact that the Pakistan army repeatedly hijacked polity under the guise of the ‘doctrine of necessity.
Today, the real catastrophe in Pakistan is the cynical use of Islamist extremism by Pakistan Army/ISI. This blatant misuse of power is done to hold democracy hostage and to foment the insecurity it needs to maintain its grip on power.”

Deep fissures in Pak Civil & Military

Pakistan remains a politically underdeveloped country. While there is no denying that the country’s politics, directly or indirectly, is a by-product of the policies the military favors as an institution. In general, civilian institutions are not allowed to grow out of the phase where they have to concur with the military. Pakistan military does enjoy utmost power over all civil institutions.
The Pakistan army had been watching the ex PM’s efforts to consolidate power which ultimately led to his oust. It then connived with the judiciary to ensure that it had two members (one each from military intelligence and the ISI) in the Joint Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court to put him under trial to ensure Nawaz Sharif and his government’s permanent collapse.

This ploy of ousting PM Nawaz Sharif is already seen having ripples in the existing military-civil divide. Sharif is believed to have bought this fate for crossing the military by pursuing conciliatory policies towards neighbors and by reportedly demanding that ISI end its use of militant groups as tools of foreign policy. The controversy surrounding Pak Rangers deployment outside the court hearing corruption references against him, followed by their withdrawal from Parliament House on 4th Oct, asking for written instructions further confirms deep fissures cracking up Pakistan’s army and its civilian government and once again exposes the modus operandi of Pak Army to not let any party be successful for a full term at as it may then threaten the Army.

What follows is the fabrication of white lies by the Pak Army to increase its stature in front of its own (the people of Pakistan). Unfortunately, the ‘sold out’ democracy and the hijacked media are merely sitting ducks who fear their own disappearance at the hands of the ruthless Army which is supposed to protect them. Deep state nexus, fingers dipped in every pie of state and civil life.

Pakistan today stands violent and divided.

  • Taliban insurgency spread in its north-west frontier region
  • The army’s counter-insurgency operations in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are no success, with Pakistan establishments being repeatedly attacked
  • Pakistan’s relations with NATO allies have plummeted to an all-time low
  • Pakistan has earned the tag for a “terrorist haven”, military aids been suspended and but obviously the morale of the rank and file is low. The barbarism of Pak Army in Baluchistan has further gained notoriety internally (flak from Pak media) and globally (at UNHCR recently).
  • Jihad & Taliban which Pakistan Army propagates for vested interests has now begun to bite its own back.
  • Due to poor relations with neighbours, economy is at all time low burdened under Chinese debt.

Perception & Impression management through repeated “white lies” is what is keeping the Pakistan Army afloat today, as it has nothing concrete to prove its efficacy. Therefore how does it keep itself relevant? By adopting the easiest way – white lies! But for once Pakistan Army needs to respect their motto and exist by not deceiving its own people.

Lashkar and Pak Army recruit from the same pool of educated youth

Pak army’s triggering radicalization along the lines of al-Qaeda’s rhetoric is based on the fact that Lashkar and Pak Army recruit from the same pool of educated youth, mainly Deobandi sect and the districts of Punjab.

The Pakistan army gets the 1st pick of the youth, while the Lashkar chooses from those remaining!

Madrassas are not the factories of jihad, what they do endanger is a mindset that supports jihad.To propagate this ideology and to spread “white lies” Pak Army has been successful in making a huge web of multi support propaganda channels and in fact diverted all its resources only in such deceitful acts. These channels propagate false inputs to show army in good light and as the only savior of the people of Pakistan.

False claims by Pakistan Army like the recent announcement by Major General Asif Ghafoor, official spokesperson of the Pakistan Armed Forces, who is very active on social media “that sanctuaries of all terrorist groups, including the Haqqani network, have been eliminated from Pakistan’s soil” only come to show desperate measures to stay relevant.

White lies have become the order of the day of Pakistan Army

Such white lies have become a daily practice in Pak Army. Since they have forgotten the rule in Quran – “never to deceive in principle” and instead have made white lies permissible to suit their vested interests.
Here are a few recent examples which are not only embarrassing but shatter the faith of a commoner in its protector(Army) who is adopting cheap tactics to stay relevant.

Caught lying red-handed









Pak Army “white lies” Example 1: When Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan envoy to the United Nations allegedly showed 2014 Gaza war victim’s (Rawya Abu Jom’a) photograph as an image of Indian atrocities at the UN General Assembly, she accidentally exposed the Pakistan govt/army’s web of white lies to the world.








Pak Army “white lies” Example 2: Morphed photo of an Indian girl, which led to the suspension of the official twitter handle of ISPR (operating under the garb of once again exposed the white lies of Pak Army/ISI.










Pak Army “white lies” Example 3: A tweeted (doctored) video by the official spokesperson of Pak Army saying: “In befitting response Pak Army destroyed Indian posts in Nowshera Sec”, put a big question mark on the credibility of the Pakistan Army which can go to any extent to fool its public and stay relevant. The video failed to convince any real action taken against adversaries and instead once again exposed Pakistan’s white lies.

The video has clear visibility of editing marks, and therefore, must be deemed to be unreliable and incorrect.

-“Sangad” or thick protection wall is normally made around Indian Army posts. No such wall is visible in the posts destroyed by the Pakistan Army.
-Communication trenches can’t be seen in the posts shown.
-Any visible point of start and impact of the firing in the video is absent.
-The video shows blasts happening down below. This usually happens in case of IED blasts and not artillery fire.

Chinese made drone Phantom 3, Failed photo ops once again










Pak Army “white lies” Example 4:The recurring lies of shooting down (Chinese made) Indian drones is also a part of the white lies web. ‘Phantom 3 advanced drone’ shown in the picture is made by DJI, Headquartered in Shenzhen, widely considered as China’s Silicon Valley. It is a known fact that Indian Army doesn’t use Chinese equipment. Shanghai-based Observer website too reported the faux pas by Pakistan Army.  Once again photo-op gone wrong.

Milbus in Pakistan unstoppable

Lastly, Pakistan Army’s business involvement; suspicious Fauji Foundation, Army Welfare Trust, Shaheen Foundation and Bahria Foundation all using an unaccounted military capital for the personal benefit of the military fraternity) at the cost of the public economy is now an open book.

Why the US doesn’t trust Pakistan anymore and accuses its army of providing safe havens for terrorists

  • Sheltering Osama Bin Laden in a compound about a mile from its military academy in Abbottabad
  • Jailing a Pakistani doctor who helped US officials certify Bin Laden was in the compound, where he was killed by US Seals.
  • Appearing to warn militants to help them escape US drone bombings.
  • Allowing or even encouraging militant groups such as Lashkar-i-Toiba to carry out terrorist attacks on India.
  • Allowing the Afghan Taliban to shelter in the Pakistani city of Quetta and in largely ungoverned tribal areas such as Waziristan; and then slip them into Afghanistan to attack Afghan, US and NATO troops.

Pakistan Army the “HURDLE” in its country’s progress

Well, the Pandora’s box has popped open and tyrant power of Pakistan Army on the state has been unleashed. It is for the people of Pakistan to now analyze that is it the failure of the political system or has the Pakistan army, for its own survival caused the system to fail so as to justify their influence?

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