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ISI or Taliban, who killed Gen Raziq?

Lieutenant General Abdul Raziq Achakzai (Pashto: جنرال عبدالرازق‎, 1979 – October 18, 2018) was the chief of Afghan National Police. He was born in the town of Spin Boldak, Kandahar Province.

He was a member of the Adozai Achakzai tribe of the Pashtuns. Razik’s prominent uncle and father were killed by the Taliban, in 1994, as they rose to power in Kandahar. In November 2001 Raziq joined anti-Taliban forces, under Fayda Mohammad and Gul Agha Sherzai, which overthrew the Taliban in Kandahar. Although he was unknown in 2001, he nevertheless rose to command the Afghanistan Border Police on Afghanistan’s border between Kandahar and Pakistan’s Baluchistan Province. He was killed by a gunman opening fire on offices after the security officials were leaving a meeting in Kandahar on October 18, 2018.


The objective of this attack appears to be sabotaging the US – Taliban peace process and disrupting elections scheduled on 20 Oct.

But did a Taliban insurgent actually succeed in getting through the strict layers of security? Gen Raziq was undoubtedly a prime target, however, to get to him wasn’t easy. Did the US general have a narrow escape or was Gen Raziq the only target? A foul play cannot be overruled.

Even if the Taliban did not plan the attack, it is likely to hugely benefit them.

Pakistan appears to be in a hurry to publish its condolences…

However, other ISPR handles hailed Gen Raziq’s assassination calling him an Indian agent, which only indicate foul play and not just an insider attack on the Pashtun general much disliked by his Pakistani counterparts.

Just four days ago Gen Razik had said that he would not allow Pakistan to install a fence along the Durand Line.

Gen. Abdul Raziq told Pajhwok Afghan News that Pakistan started fencing the Durand Line in the southern region of the country fortnight ago, but Afghan border forces prevented their move.

“Two weeks back, Pakistani forces started the installation of a fence on the border between Spin Boldak and Shorabak districts of Kandahar but border forces removed the fence and prevented them from doing so,” Raziq added.

However, in response, Taliban militants directed by Pakistani mentors attacked Afghan border forces in Spin Boldak, Maruf, Arghistan, and Shorabak districts, he alleged.

The police chief said the Taliban wanted to keep the Afghan border forces engaged and let the Pakistani forces safely install the fence.

“If the Taliban really defend their territory, then they should not disturb Afghan forces and not attack their posts before possible clashes with Pakistani forces”, Raziq added. He said they would never allow the Durand Line to be fenced.

The killing of Raziq is a major blow to the Afghan government ahead of parliamentary elections on October 20, which the Taliban have vowed to disrupt.

He was considered a bulwark against the Taliban. His death risks destabilizing southern Afghanistan at a time of huge political uncertainty.

19 Oct 2018/ Friday                                                              Written by Afsana

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