Taiwan Dilemma And the Baffling Chinese Border Narcissism

Deconstructing China’s recent behavior with its neighbors, be it land or at sea, in all directions, irrespective of  them being with powerful ones like the US, Russia, India, Japan or the harmless ones like Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Bhutan or Turkmenistan, can be harrowingly difficult, if not a perplexing one.

This fact, can’t be a bigger irony, even by Sun Zhu standards, that how a nation can have as many issues with all neighbors, as China keeps lugging on its back.

China’s Border Brawls

Treaties(Past or Present) Notwithstanding

China’s claim on Russian territory, as conveyed by designated twitter bots, on the regions of Primorsky Krai, of which Vladivostok is the administrative capital, as historically belonging  to China did put off Russia last month.  However China claims approx. 160,000 sq km of its land despite signing several agreements over the years. Vladivostok being just a reminder call.

China has been aggressive at its borders, at all of the 21 neighbors it has, including maritime ones. In the Philippines, China claims the Spratly islands. It doesn’t matter that the International Court of Justice has reprimanded it. But China is known to not abide by international decency. In Indonesia and Malaysia, China claims fishing rights in all the waters .

China is also engaged in a dispute with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia, where China claims large areas on historical precedent. In Thailand, China has been dredging on the Mekong river since 2001, and threatening the small decent country.

Vietnam has stood its ground against China’s territorial claims on several islands, and presently its Army is having a faceoff with Chinese PLA, on the lines of Ladakh.

In the East China sea, Beijing is engaged in a land dispute with Japan. The Senkaku and Ryu Kya islands are the big takeaways for the Dragon, with North Korea dispute over Mount Pek-tu and the Tuman river and with  South Korea, China claims islands in the country’s exclusive economic zone.

Chinese “Paramilitary Fishing Fleet”

Citing heydays, China actually claims entire South Korean peninsula,  on the all too familiar historical grounds.

In Central Asia, despite illegally occupying complete East Turkestan, including Kyrgyzstan. China feels the entire territory should be a part of the Chinese mainland. In 1999, it forced Kyrgyzstan to hand over 1,250 square km of land.

 China also has an ongoing dispute with Tajikistan which dates back to 1884. China also lays claim to over 34,000 sq km of land in Kazakhstan.

Present Hustle

Given Sun Zhu’s call to keep the pot boiling, to approach desired result from a tangent, China has been hustling all over the world, to buy traction.

 Beijing has lifted a ban on Chinese boats operating near the Diaoyu Islands, which Japan controls and calls the Senkakus from August 16. China has emphasized  its claims to sovereignty over the islands and surrounding waters, insisting Japan has no right to demand the boats to leave.

Yesterday, Chinese air force jets briefly crossed over the mid line of the Taiwan Strait on Monday and were tracked by Taiwanese missiles, Taiwan’s government said, as US health chief Alex Azar visited the island to offer President Donald Trump’s strong support.

This is at the backdrop of China amassing amphibious force in the peripheral bases to Taiwan, and movement of missile and rocket batteries to Quanzhou (within target distance to Taiwan).

While laying claims to Bhutan territories and Nepal territories, to arm lock them to move out of geographical entante of India, China has laid siege along Ladakh with India. Though China’s need for consolidation of its CPEC investment and the Oil/Gas vein flowing from the “new Debt Trap victim” on the block; Iran,  looks the probable reason for the Ladakh venture, it still does not makes an “international diplomacy” sense.


China is  “picking fights with everybody at the moment”, citing confrontations with a number of nations over territorial claims in the South China Sea , with  Taiwan  and on the Indian border. “They are being very provocative and it’s confusing because they don’t need to be,” an expert feels.

“Perhaps the Chinese think everyone is picking fights with them, but we have to remember that everything Beijing does means something. Everything is strategic”. And the world has come to know, for China, every treaty, signed document and deals have no relevance against China’s “historical claim”, which can be invoked anytime, as per the CPC’s and Xi Jinping’s mood-madness combine.

Interesting psychological comparison of this behavior is pretty closely revealing and explaining Chinese recent actions.

Child bullies have a heightened defensive structure, which masterfully deflects responsibility and projects blame onto the victim, so he or she routinely gets away with abuse. Positioning himself or herself as the victim instead of the aggressor, the bully confuses the adults, who are attempting to mediate and this frees himself or herself from responsibility.

One reason a China bullies is because she is profoundly insecure but unconsciously compensates with ego-centrism and narcissism, especially manifestd now in it dealings in its borders.

In sum, he or she acts big to counteract feeling small.

China, despite stealing-copying technology from Russians, US and Europe knows, it is way lagging behind, to have a standing.

Protecting deeply fragile self-esteem with a heightened and rigid defense structure comprised of deflection, projection, narcissism, and a victim mentality is frequently the result. For this reason, the bully is often able to deflect accountability and project blame.

Parallels are visible with China’s Communist Party of China(CPC) behavior with regards to its existence. CPC is deeply mired in self-indulgent glory, corruption and the grand narrative of  Great China that it is unable to fit in with the Modern world.

Chinese in all other quarters, are up against this Oriental cruel Chinese Monarchy driven CPC rule. Democratic Taiwan , Hong Kong and Macau are perfect examples of Chinese sense of democracy and equality, duly affectionate about coexistence with others..

Laying claims and its screwdriver actions in the South China Seas, against Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, by CPC and PLA military forces, has got the Quad and the US stifling Chinese Navy and Air Force in the area and South China Seas.

US is here in unprecedented strength, never seen before since the Pearl Harbor attack of WW-II. Never the world has been found getting together, wherein the US and Russia have been found to be standing on the other side of the spectrum of China-Pakistan duo.

Noose is going to grow tighter around China’s neck. Sun Zhu principles may be relevant in Oriental inter-monarch struggles around Yellow river basin politics. However, at the international arena, in modern world, not only they seem unwanted, but obtuse, damaging to China, detrimental to world peace, prosperity and strictly speaking;irrelevant.


12 Aug 20/Wednesday                                                                     Written by : Fayaz

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