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China’s Communism Advertisement on Coronavirus Agenda

Amidst World's COVID-19 Struggle

Self appraisal of Communist Party of China, took to new golden height,s when Xi Jinping extended the “Best Coronavirus Performer” award to himself.

Xi Jinping said China had passed “an extraordinary and historic test” during an awards ceremony for medical professionals decorated with bugle calls and applause, reframing the episode as an example of the agility and organization of the Communist leadership.

And as if guilty ridden acceptance of its role in genesis and spread of the same deadly Coronavirus, he seemed to justify: “selfish selfish moves, any buck-passing and deeds that confuse right and wrong” risked inflicting damage across the world.

What makes China’s childish “chide” implicative and outburst significant, are both internal and external factors, which we shall pursue here.

Internal Dissent and a Crumbling Economy

For years, Cai Xia, a former professor at China’s elite Central Party School, had watched the ruling Communist party decay from the inside. Now she is out. Last month,  she was expelled from the party, two months after an audio recording of her describing the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, as a “mafia boss” was leaked online.

Cai went even further in her denunciation of Xi, discussing what she considered to be short falls of Communist Party of China in its current form, Xi’s sycophancy as a leader and that she believed a democratic transition would take place one day. Then she requested that her comments not be published because of threats that she and her family had received.

A strong party is the key to a successful China, in Xi’s eyes. It is also the only way to fend off imaginary enemies abroad, most notably the US : is what is Xi’s appreciation of his job, with a hint of a megalomaniac, but definitely devoid of global leadership tenor.

Xi has rewritten the party’s rules, including ending term limits, setting himself up to be leader indefinitely, a President for Life, and launched huge study campaigns to instill his personal ideology across society, starting with toddlers, through schools and universities and through the Central Committee Party School in Beijing.

Nazi style: the party has developed an app through which Chinese can study “Xi Jinping Thought”, and presently the ‘toeing the line’ party members are ensuring his madness is fulfilled unquestioned.

Economic downturn that China has taken; in the last three years, with millions jobless and companies moving out of China, has make Xi Jinping more paranoid, purging and stepping on personal space, though and expression, the right of every human around the world.

Chinese citizens feel stifled, disconnected from the world, at mercy of CPC’s mad antics in domestic and international affairs, with digital media thoroughly state controlled, reminding them of their gruesome “Imperialist Chinese Emperor” past.

Another Rectification Purge by CPC?

Terror of “Yan’an Rectification” of 1942 revisited

This infamous purge, was the consolidation of Mao Zedong’s paramount role within the CCP, especially from 1942 to 1944, and the adoption of a party constitution that endorsed Marxist-Leninism and “Mao Zedong Thought” as guiding ideologies.

While Xi Jinping would love to, for the grandeur and glory of it, be remembered in the platform of Mao, and maybe have a candy floss dream of a term like Jin-pinging(akin to Maoist) ideology, it is a fact that previous 1942 purge saw approx 3,00,000 people killed/disappeared.

This new pilot project has been announced in China, which aims to “rectify” “corrupt” cadres, using 1940 hard-line terminology in order to “scrape the poison off the bones.”

The purge, announced by an official who was sent to Wuhan to deal with bureaucratic mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, will be applied nationwide in 2021, one year before the 20th Party Congress where Xi Jinping hopes to extend his tenure as General Secretary.

Thousands of Chinese communists were purged during the 1942 Yan’an rectification campaign. The ones that could stay in the party were forced to ‘unify their thinking’ and toe the official line of Mao Zedong. If they deviated from the official line, their fate was expulsion, torture and even death.

People fear the same, this time on, and maybe even worse than the post Tiananmen Square Massacre so called Maoist cleansing-Purge.


Satellite states like Tibet, Hong Kong, Xin Jiang, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and Pakistan Scared

“Reading between the lines, one has also the impression that the CCP is concerned with what it sees as a soft enforcement of the law in courts and jails” a reform taken in the 80s to enable it to participate in opening of economy to the world, and be democracy like.

Now the gloves are off!

China can be predicted of using tested Maoist slogans of “punish before and after, “cure and save the people” and “punish severely.” Millions of party cadres and Chinese citizens  are potentially at risk of being targeted.

It shall be a opportuinity of assimilating Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, Xin Jiang and Mongolian regions fully in grasp of CPC’s agenda. Effects in these regions shall be severe by the “rectification campaign” since the imposition of a controversial National Security Law on July 1 has opened the floodgates for China’s policy, to enter , disrupt and re jig Hong Kong’s politics, on lines of Communism.

It shall also affect the countries on which China exerts influence, like Nepal Communists and Pakistan, especially since China practically owns Occupied Kashmir and Balochistan provinces. China, through continued bribing of Pakistan Army as well as its Naval Base and Air Bases coming up in Pakistan, shall aim to tighten its grip, and start dictating behavior and Economic Colonization of these areas, in the Communism theology.

Since Coronavirus has hit the world, all thanks to China’s mistimed, inadequately planned boi-attack on the world, to lure others to communism form of governance, as an alternative to world’s distress, Xi perceives challenges on multiple fronts.

Communist Party, driven with paranoia at the best of times, is seeing threats at every turn, and hence it is snarling, picking up fights at all borders and shores of its lands, while repressing its occupied lands and even ethnic Chinese citizens.

CPC has to contend not just with a slowing economy but also a protracted trade war with the United States that has entered a new confrontational phase with President Trump’s decision to impose more tariffs next month.

He is facing escalating Western criticism of Chinese policies toward ethnic Uighurs in Xin­jiang, where as many as 3 million people have been put into reeducation camps. He is dealing with an increasingly assertive Taiwan at the same time a pro-democracy movement swells in Hong Kong.

All of these loom as dangers to Xi’s authority as the party’s general secretary and are heightening a sense of alarm within a party long fearful of external threats.

Cai Xia also held Xi Jinping responsible for the pandemic. She claims that even after receiving the information the Chinese president did not raise an alarm nor did he make the information public or mobilize resources, which reinforces what world believes to be a fact.

China’s Communist Party is not silent, stating that there is opposition against Xi Jinping, but it remains below the radar for two reasons – the anti-corruption crackdown, that is those who are corrupt will not question the president and those who are clean fear that they will be implicated under false charges.

Additionally, disciplinary code of the Communist Party which was adopted under Xi Jinping, has a rule which states that no member can “distort” the policies of the party. If a member has a different opinion it will be considered a violation of party discipline.

Very Nazi like or one show stop Jinpinging!

09 Sep 2020/Wednesday                                                                                        Written by: Fayaz

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