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Radical Islamic Genocide

1971 Bangladesh Carnage: Aide Memoire for the History Books

1971 Bangladesh war for independence, as with other independence struggles, was expected to be full of pain and struggle. What ensued, not only shocked but shamed humanity, in its medieval inspired barbaric carnage, rape and  genocide. Pakistani Army and Razakar raped between 200,000 and 400,000 Bangladeshi women and girls in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape. Most of the rape victims of the Pakistani Army and its allies were Hindu women. Imams and Muslim religious leaders declared the women “war booty” and supported the rapes. The activists and leaders of Islamic parties are also accused to be involved in the rapes and abduction of women.

Hindu women were raped and killed; Bengali Muslim women who were accused to be under the Hindu influence, were impregnated by force, in order to create “pure” Muslims. Scholars have suggested that rape was used to terrorise both the Bengali Muslim majority and the Bengali Hindu minority of Bangladesh. Those rapes apparently caused thousands of pregnancies, births of war babies, abortions, infanticide, suicide, and ostracisation of the victims.

Wahhabi Islam

Arab version for regaining strength against the Ottomans and how Pakistan reframed it for its Radical Islam Agenda

With the rise of Turks, and their exploitation of Hadiths and Mullahs, to unite tribes against existing Islamic and non-Islamic Rulers, to conquer and loot the kingdoms, Arabs were variously oppressed by these Turkic regimes beginning with the Seljek Turks and continuing with the Ottomans.

The Seljeks committed more outright massacres of Arabs, but both regimes oppressed Arabs off and on, depending upon the Sultan at the time. The Ottomans were Turkish imperialists, and generally treated non-Turks as conquered peoples. Conquered Muslims, be they Arab or other ethnicities were treated as bad as Jews and Christians. Though levels of relative discrimination varied over time, and are arguable, but to deny their abhorrent implementation is a historical fact.

Hence when in 18th century, when Ottoman grip over Arab lands was de creasing, there was a renewed effort in Arab world, to gain unity, and they used the same tool which Ghaznavi and Taimur did 800 years back: Radical Islam-Mullahs-Hadith trio. Though a lie and fabricated tool to attack and loot, it had proved both potent and effective, then.

Hence when Muhammad bin Abd al Wahhab,( source of the word “Wahhabi,”) founded a religious movement in the Arabian peninsula during the eighteenth century (1703-1791), that sought to reverse what he perceived as the moral decline of his society, it was immediately taken as a rallying force to instil vigour and unity in Arab tribes, against the Ottoman Turkey.

Muhammad bin Saud, the ancestral founder of the modern-day Al Saud dynasty(Saudi Arabia), partnered with Abd al Wahhab, to begin the process of unifying disparate tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. Their partnership formed the basis for a close political relationship and hence despite Saudi kingdom being destroyed by Ottoman forces in the early 19th century after Wahabbi-inspired warriors seized Mecca and Medina and threatened Ottoman dominance, they ultimately negated dominance of Turkey in the region.

While, Wahhab advocated a return to a “purer” form of Islam, focusing on its origins and the absolute sovereignty of God. That means banning the cult of saints and forbidding tobacco, alcohol and shaving, Pakistan used the same to assimilate Deobandi movement, to instil Radical Islam as a ruse to implement its corruption and hold on political and economic discourse of Pakistan.

Pakistan fostered Maududi, the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, yielding to political reality of dominance of Pakistan Army, focused his and the party’s attention on Pakistan’s social fabric, to convert them to brainwashed followers, who do not question shabby and corrupt governance. From  1947 until his retirement in 1972, he spread his tentacles especially in Bangladesh, so that they forget their history and culture, and become Urdu loving Pakistanis. In 1953, the Jamaat-e-Islami led a violent campaign against the Aḥmadiyyah sect that led to 2,000 deaths. For much of the next two decades, the party remained the voice of the Ummah and was active in politics of Pakistan Army and it supported the wars with India in 1965 and 1971.

Shanti Bahini was a militia of Jamaat, who along with West-Pakistani forces, actively participated in committing war crimes against their own East-Pakistani brothers and sisters. Their activities included killing hundreds of thousands of non-combatant East-Pakistanis, including children, raping East-Pakistani women , kidnapping and killing scholars, doctors, scientists, amongst others. The Jamaat-e-Islami also created other groups such as the “Al-Badar” and “Al-Shams” (Razakar Bahini in Bengali) to support the military efforts of the Pakistani Army. Al-Badar was created by Islami Chhatra Sibir, the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami in East-Pakistan. One of the main operations of Al-Badar during the liberation war was to specifically kill “the intellectual people” (known as Budhijibi in Bengali).







On advice of Radical Jamaatis and instructions of Pakistan Army Generals, one of the most hideous crimes committed by the Shanti Bahini was capturing hundreds of thousands of Bengali women and keeping them as hostages in military camps for the entertainment of the Pakistani military. Even though their particular interest was in non-Muslim women, Muslim women, in name of “purification of race” were also not spared. During the liberation war, around 200,000 to 400,000 women became victims of rape and organizational sex slavery for Pakistan Army.

Razakars?: Radical Islami Brainwashed Zealots always Exist

Murderer Collaborators of Bangladesh Genocide Then viz  Murderers and Collaborators of Balochi Genocide Now

Beginning this year, Bangladesh government was publishing the list of those who were recruited to the Razakar, Al-Badr, Al-Shams and other anti-liberation forces of Pakistani government and were named in the old records preserved by the Bangladesh home ministry.










While crimes committed against East Pakistanis are being answered 50 years hence, still in an unashamedly manner, Pakistan military have created several criminal Radical Islamist clandestine organisations across Balochistan. Despite being ethnically Baloch, their task is merely to carry out extra judicial target killing of pro liberation Baloch activists. These proxy religious groups along with Pakistan army are involved in abduction, torture and killing of Balochis.

Similar to Razakars and the Jamaat-e-Islami collusion of then , the fundamentalist groups that Pakistan has set against the Baloch national struggle are too many.

They include of Ansar-al-Islam; Tahafuz-e-Hadoodullah, Mussallah Defa Tanzeem, Nefaaz-e-Aman, Haq Na Tawar and many other shadowy criminal gangs.  The leaders of these groups Shafeeq Mengal, Atta-ul-Rehman Mengal, Kohi Mengal etc.  are on Pakistan military’s pay role and they hire convicted criminals, drug mafia and other anti social Radical Islamist thugs ,in order use them against Baloch people’s struggle for their liberation.









Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in an interview with Karlos Zurutuza said, “They (Pakistan Army) have formed these groups in the name of Islam(as were Razakars formed so, in 1971) but their real aim is to crush the Baloch freedom movement. Pakistan is the cradle of the Taliban and the breeding ground of the Taliban. Pakistan is nourishing and funnelling the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists into Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran. Pakistan is an irresponsible state that is putting the civilised world in danger. A free Baloch state would therefore be in the interest of the whole civilised world.”


The trials against Jamaat-e-Islami leaders for war crimes had attracted worldwide attention. International organizations expressed support and offered to help Bangladesh with the war crimes trial. Sadly, the trials sparked protests in some Radical Islamist Muslim countries, like Pakistan and Turkey.

Bangladesh has not forgotten the rape and murder of not only its people, but also its culture and identity, 50 years back. Due to persistent efforts of  the Sheikh Hasina government, perpetrators of crimes were pursued, captured and put on trials, while she repeatedly rejected claims that the judicial procedures were flawed and that the executions were politically motivated. Despite the harrowing nature of crimes, state sponsored Turkish groups like the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) protested against the execution of Matiur Rahman Nizami in 2016.

in a comic but an innate Radical Islamist inhumane move, the Turkish President withdrew his Ambassador from Dhaka as a protest against execution of the mass murderer and perpetrator of mass rapes  of Bangladeshi: Nizami.

Such is brazen support to Radical Islam, by heads of state, and we are in the 21st Century of upholding human values and right to civil existence.

Now, Pakistan army death squad members have been arrested by the Baloch Liberation Army near Kalat Balochistan. In a video confession they have confessed to killing several people on the orders of Shafeeq Mengal and his brother. They also revealed that Shafiq Mengal, Atta-ul-Rehman Mengal, Kohi Khan Mengal, Sardar Sanuallah Zehri (minister in current provincial government of Balochistan) and several others are directly involved in abducting and killing of Baloch political activists.

According to a Baloch nationalist Mr Faiz M Baluch, an informer Irfan Gurgnadi, further revealed that the above named people had private torture cells that they run together with Pakistan army. He witnessed the killing of many Baloch activists in their custody and confessed the target killing of many Baloch journalists, political leaders, police officers and other members of community. Gurgnadi has admitted that the Pakistan army and Shafiq Mengal death squad team have killed a Baloch singer named Ali Jan for refusing to act as their hit man to kill Dr Allah Nazar Baloch.

This all sounds the manner in which Razarars collaborated with Pakistan Army, with backdrop of narrative of “Purification of Bangladeshis” by Jamaat-e-Islami’s Radical Islam lies.

The same construct is being played out after 50 years, now in Balochistan.

World community failed to take notice the last time, however now is the time to wake up to the Radical Islamic-Pakistan Army nexus of barbarism, and associated culture of Rape and Murders, now happening in Balochistan.

02 Dec 20/ Wednesday                                                                                      Written By:  Fayaz

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