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Behind Trudeau’s China-Khalistan Love

When quizzed about which nation he admired most, Trudeau replied: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

This was as far back as 2013, and the love affair which has blossomed with each passing year, has not only reinforced Trudeau’s passion for China, as well as underlined his bankrupt understanding of economy and policies, beyond the spheres of Communism.

Sadly, what China wants for its own economy, exactly opposite it needs its ally to implement.

To feed on it.

When China implied to Trudeau, to become a Chinese pup, it may have been a promise to increase Trudeau’s liberal vote bank, by including as many nefarious elements, susceptible to being influenced, like the Khalistan support base.

Khalistan: A project of Pakistan

Terry Milewski’s report by Macdonald-Laurier Institute on Pakistan’s perversion of the Sikh faith

Journalist Terry Milewski’s report released by Macdonald-Laurier Institute titled “Khalistan: A project of Pakistan” researches the Khalistan movement and discovers its reality as a geopolitical project nurtured by Pakistan, threatening the national security of Canadians and Indians.

“It might seem surprising that 35 years after the infamous Inter Services Intelligence(ISI- the Pakistan Army’s spy agency)  planned terrorist attack, where Khalistan extremists bombed Air India Flight 182, the deadliest attack on aviation before 9/11, that a new generation of violent extremism has now emerged in Canada and India”, wrote Terry Milewski. Given Pakistan’s continued campaign of agitation, “It’s clear who’s really driving the Khalistan bus: Pakistan,” writes Milewski. In truth, “the Khalistan movement has been going nowhere in the Sikhs’ home state.”

For Canada, Pakistan Army’s actions pose a real and present national security risk. As the Khalistan cause has no pull in Punjab, Pakistan’s support of Khalistan extremists entails leveraging extremists mind-set based in Canada, including supporters with ties to terrorism. Terry Milewski said, “With a lame response to “referendum” of November 2020 by proponents of an independent Khalistan, there has been scepticism from Sikh communities around the world. For its part, the Canadian government had safely stated it will not recognize it”.

However, under false garb of the present Farmer Protest in India, aims to provide oxygen that fuels extremist ideologies, radicalizes young Canadian Sikhs, wreaks havoc on reconciliation, and usurps legislatures. The same breath of life Referendum 2020 couldn’t fetch for Pakistan Army and the ISI.

Trudeau’s Political Opportunism or something Bigger, Baleful

Joint Military Training with China, against caution by Canadian Armed Forces: Why?

Reports are making waves, that Justin Trudeau wanted to engage with China militarily. He wanted the PLA to train with Canadian forces. Trudeau reportedly “raged at the Canadian armed forces Chief” for cancelling the training mission according to a news outlet called rebel news.

Trudeau government wanted to joint military drills with China. It had invited PLA for winter military exercises, however, the drills never too place after the Canadian chief of defence staff went against his own Prime Minister and cancelled the plan.

General Jonathan Vance had to go against the will and whatever compulsions of the indomitable dupe Trudeau, though those compulsions are still unaccounted for, maybe just for his imagination of securing votes(or Pakistan’s ISI may make him believe so). Even America believed that drills like these could benefit the PLA, and since long had been vocal about it, but nothing could deter the jest in PM of Canada.

It’s a known fact, regarding another such deal Switzerland and China struck, that allowed Chinese spies to operate freely on Swiss territory, a deal that made Swiss taxpayers foot the bill of Chinese spy operations.

The Swiss called it a “readmission agreement”. It was signed in 2015 for five years and the agreement laid out the terms for Chinese agents and how they will operate in the country.

Chinese agents were allowed to travel to Switzerland, to interview suspected Chinese nationals the ones whom Switzerland wished to deport which took place in under a veil of secrecy and allowed the Chinese agents to travel unofficially. Europe has open borders. Once a Chinese secret agent enters Switzerland, there was access to the entire European Union, under the Schengen visa.

Though unofficial reports are there to say, these agents coerced Chinese immigrants to work clandestinely for Chinese Communists, and still it is unfathomable where these Chinese spies went and what they did.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole called the joint training exercise a “dangerous path for the Trudeau government to take” and called Canada’s dealings with China a “dangerously naive approach, that has put Canada and our citizens at risk.”

There is no confirmation till date from Trudeau, if similar agreement exists, and why Chinese Military are to have a unprecedented joint training with the Chinese.

North West Passage(NWP) in Backyard of Canada, which China wants to Own

Is there a understanding or clandestine agreement, not in purview of public space, on the North West Passage(NWP), since Chinese training in the regions may be linked to its need to secure these lanes and be free of US and Canadian Armed Forces interference, in future. That shall be jeopardizing Canadian security and sovereignty.

Trudeau once viewed his hobnobbing with China, as a field ripe for glory. “From minerals to energy, from education expertise to construction, we have a lot of what China needs,” he maintained in 2012 . “We should be creative when thinking about what a trade deal with China could look like. What if our goal was to become Asia’s designer and builder of liveable cities? What if we got our world-class financial institutions and pension funds together with our world-class engineering and construction industries to secure a leadership role for Canada in Asia’s growth.” If that’s not a fools dream, proved eight years thence, what else can be.

Alarmingly, what all Canadian interests has Trudeau entrusted in Chinese hands, is still left to be explored.


Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh was meeting with his supporters at “JagMeet and Greet” campaign outreach event, when he was interrupted by a woman who identified herself as Jennifer in the start of the video. The woman pushed herself in front of Jagmeet and yelled at him about sharia law and Muslim brotherhood. During this encounter, the woman kept repeating herself, getting in the face of the politician as people in the audience got visibly upset.

“We know you’re in bed with Sharia. We know you’re in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. We know by your votes,” she said.

There is ample of evidence that ISI has been in explicit touch with Muslim Brotherhood and other such Radical Muslim organizations all over Europe and American Continent.

Of course she referred to the ISI funded and designed arrangement, of the Khalistan movement in Canada, duly supported by Trudeau himself. Does that implies, Trudeau prostrates himself at the feet of ISI and its nefarious Khalistan operation, to get votes for his election campaign?

Howsoever Trudeau may try to side track this fact, but it is true that he is in power now,only because of support from Jagmeet Singh and his party, with his own party members like Harjit Sajjan playing ball to Pakistani ISI’s Khalistan Agenda.

Trudeau crossed all international norms and diplomatic boundaries in commenting on alleged human rights abuses(which have no base and truth in them) in India during the ongoing farmers’ agitation. While both the international commune and his own countrymen take him casually, what is of importance is his insistence on toeing the ISI agenda and Pakistan Army’s pet project of Khalistan, while fighting his own Canadian Armed Forces, into letting Chinese spies and Chinese Military officials on Canadian Soil, that to in backdrop of a hyper aggressive China all along its coastline and its borders with all its neighbours.

Is it typical Trudeau-ism fashion tomfoolery of Canadian Prime Minister yet again, or something deeper than his need for ISI backed Khalistan and Muslim Brotherhood backed votes, one is only sure, that his next steps shall be under watchful lens around the world.

18 Dec 20/ Friday                                                                                      Written By: Fayaz

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