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China: Myanmar Military Is Ungrateful, Poor Business Partner Whereas

Xi loves Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘Yes’ on Chinese Colonial RCEP & OBOR


Come January 2021 this year, though Winter in Beijing, however Spring was in full bloom in hearts of Chinese Communist Party(CCP), around the sweet smell of love in the air.

Love blooming, crashing around like a cascading river in hearts of Xi Jinping and Aung Suu Kyi, dancing to the Christmas jingles of sending Myanmar to a Hambantota & Gwador like Debt trap ‘Chinese Military Base’ , with nil benefits to Myanmar nationals.

Yes it was about going full pace on SEZ and deep sea port(yes another one of the same lure as in Gwador and Hambantota) in Kyaukphyu, similarly having only Naval base benefits for China, and none for Myanmar.

Not only this gave chills to Myanmar’s immediate neighbours like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, this blatant dance in the laps of China by Aung SuuKyi, threatens territorial integrity of Myanmar, whereby China could simply break up Myanmar into two halves, using the one over which it has control vide its funded insurgent groups of secessionist Kokangs and  other funded and controlled by Pakistan Army’s ISI.

China’s Grand Plan to Disintegrate Myanmar

Myanmar Military-The Tatmadaw is all that is Standing against its Communist Dream

The Tatmadaw has long accused China of fostering terrorism using its ethnic armed groups in Myanmar’s border areas. Most of them have been fighting the central government for greater autonomy since the time of Myanmar’s independence in 1948, however instigated, funded and channelled with China’s secessionist pitch .

Relations hit a low point during the anti-Chinese riots of 1967,  just five years into Myanmar’s previous military rule.

From then on, there was no love lost between China and Tatmadaw for decades, essentially up until after the 1988 uprising. China goaded The European Union and the United States to impose arms embargoes on Myanmar, and China evolved itself as the corner where Tatmadaw had to turn to, to purchase weapons for its massively increasing insurgency and fighting terrorism, all the latter incidentally promoted by China’s Communist Party CCP.

China is Effortlessly Corrupting the Elected Governments

All Over the World and Myanmar is no Exception

The past five years of National League for Democracy (NLD) rule under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi, led Beijing to realise the ease of abusing the trust of Myanmar governments, to lure them with FDIs. Aung San Suu Kyi visited Beijing relatively frequently and has heavily stressed on the need to pursue friendly relations with China for the sake of Myanmar’s economic development.

Though her father’s Communist past and closeness to Communists of CCP of China, had been an open secret, it was the swift ease with which she was bent on getting Chinese control over Myanmar’s economy and affairs, which was baffling.

Bilateral economic relations with China had flowered massively under the NLD government, with Myanmar actively participating in the China–Myanmar Economic Corridor as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Recently, Aung San Suu Kyi’s government also signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), a free trade agreement that is completely in interest of China, and shall devour Myanmar’s economy and ethnic industry.

China forced Aung Suu Kyi government in 2015 to sign the SEZ/Port deal of Kyaukphyu, and to dawdle away the Indo-Myanmar Port development at Sittwe.

To snort that deal in favour of China, Chinese army on Myanmar’s north eastern border up tuned the insurgency resulting in the Tatmadaw’s retaliatory actions against the secessionist Kokangs (who are Mandarin speaking Han Chinese inhabiting the northern part of the Shan state and funded and trained by Communist CCP of China).

China has been trying to reduce India’s influence in Myanmar, using multitudes of Aung SuuKyi’s China visits. She even opposed India’s supply to Myanmar a Kilo class sub from its fleet. She acted more as envoy of Xi Jinping to Myanmar, than the representative of people of Myanmar.


Aung SuuKyi has always been a pawn in the hands of Chinese, and her party shall always be susceptible to China’s terror-politics in the region. Since last three decades, China has been strangulating Myanmar’s economy through world sanctions.

China stages Islamic insurgency in Myanmar through Pakistan Army-ISI Moghuls of global terrorism, and Secessionist insurgency by Han Chinese and other groups.

China fabricates flashpoints wherein Myanmar Military has to take drastic Actions, to safeguard its territorial integrity. That acts as the trigger for democracies to impose sanctions, forcing Myanmar’s economy down the throat of China, which gets to dictate terms.

Present protests in Myanmar has Chinese underground support and money, written all over it. Getting a crowd to be fired upon by Security Forces/Police has been the Chinese maligning tactics , tried many times in India.

Sadly they have successfully been able to create another narrative of secessionist journalism, funding and staging violent protests, wherein yesterday, 10 protesters died when police had to open fire, to dissuade protesters from turning violent.

Myanmar Military cannot let China undermine its territorial existence, not let it be turned into a  economic colony, the way Pakistan has been rendered as.


04 Mar 21/Thursday                                                                            Written By: Fayaz

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