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Imran Khan Opens Up Permanent Residency of Pakistan to all and Uninterested!

Why? Just because he has unveiled a La Nuevo National Security Policy 2022?


In a relief to over a lakh pending applications for coveted Pakistan Citizenship, aspiring top Billionaires of the world rejoice.

Reportedly, Imran Khan is now flooded with multitudes of ‘Courtesy Phone Calls’ from them; however, we are given to believe that he has given his precious accost only to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and their likes.

Rest will have to come through registered agents at “Papa John” outlets. Reports pouring in of bribes to those agents are still unconfirmed.

In fact, the expected IPO of this scheme has made the Bitcoin crash, and there are jitters running across Wall Street.

Finally, seemingly now, Biden finally pays for ignoring the Imran Khan, the Cult.

He has been found to be weeping uncontrollably at his now ‘Not so Oval’ Office, feeling ashamed of this ignominy of ignoring Imran Khan all this long. How could he have failed to see The Saviour of Human Race in Imran Khan?

Xi Jinping has been given the Hilltop summer retreat just across the famed “Soldiers of God” Rawalpindi headquarters. After all convenience of doing business is what Imran Khan has promised.

Where will Jihadists and Radicals Go for 100 years?

To the  “Iman, Taqwa, Jihad Fi Sabilillah” Entertainment Parks

Imran Khan understands the philosophy of using the assets and talent at hand, to their full extent.

Hence, he has already laid plans for making Pakistan a recreational hub too.

All courtesy the Pakistan Army’s experience and its brutal intelligence arm: the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)

After all, what was the use of being the extremely volatile Jihadi factory of the world if the Pakistan Army can’t give you adrenaline-pumped up the unmatched experience of what it is to feel Just Alive?

However be aware, if your cash flow into Pakistan reduces, you get the complementary experience of being Barely Alive.

Meanwhile, the world will feel remorse to have overlooked Pakistan all this long.

Thomas Grip Jens Nilsson: the owner of Amnesia Video Game declared bankruptcy, as the live games to be organized by ISI: Survive the Bomber takes the world by storm. No video games can beat the real stuff, especially in the gory violence that the Pakistani jihadi mindset can innovate.

Africans will be loosing their tourism to the Cocaine Route Safaris.

Hell, even the feared Lions of Savannah are miffed, at being triumphed by the Taliban hunting these tourists at Tora Bora Terror Reserve in Waziristan.

All Pashtuns will be away fighting jihad in Central Asia in the Russian backyard, as Russia has not been playing up to Papa Xi Jinping lately.

The rich have been bored of constructing beautiful structures this last century. Don’t they deserve a change; Imran Khan has got the solution for you.

They can get the unique experience of destruction now: of Temples, Gurdwaras, and Churches. Since there are no more left in Pakistan, this package will cost extra, given that construction materials of these new Churches and Temples will travel a long way from China, via the CPEC, courtesy of Xi Jinping.

Break, destroy, burn as many as you like!

The scheme shall also include: Get Back at your Bitchy Wife, by organized public street flogging, Burqa implementation, and confining her as a prisoner in the house experience.

A separate package for the rich and twisted called “Re-education the Uyghur Way” is in the planning stages, to de-educate wives, if they have entered Pakistan as educated professionals.

Complimentary is the 74 Hoor package for menfolk, while the wives are being De-educated and Re-educated.

However this package is being protested in Pakistan Assembly since the Director of this package is a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Communist General, whose candidature Imran Khan is advocating. Of course, that is simply based on his experience and sadist credentials. However, the Haqqanis are also in the fray, given their closeness to the ISI Chief.

Healthwise the esteemed guests will not have to worry, they need not go to India for treatment, like the majority of Pakistanis do. If you have 74 hoors, you are as such very well. But since women can’t study to become doctors, and can’t be touched by male doctors, women can avail the facility at Bushra Bibi’s Jinn Centres, to treat your worries.

What has in it for the Pakistani Awam

Awam has a pressing shortage of Kafirs and Non-Muslims to convert and kill? Not any more.

Pakistan has spent the last 70 years cleaning off the remnants of an erstwhile pluralist society. The meagre population of minorities remain, so they had to turn to killing off the Shias, Ahmaddiyas and Hazaras.

Facing an acute shortage of such Kaffirs, Imran Taliban Khan had the brilliant idea to have the bloodthirsty radicals have the opportunity to have a go at the Permanent Residents.

Chinese can be saved if they pay a hefty safety tax, but lesser contributors to BajCo and Army Business Conglomerates will have to play hide and seek with the Radicals: isn’t that a cool way keeping awam happy?


Jihad-Fi-Sabilillah by Generals from their Retirement Homes in Europe

Pakistan since its inception around seventy years back has been in a state of an identity crisis.

A major part of its existence had been to assert an Arab lineage, without having an iota of similarity of being part of that culture and ethos.

On and off, there are bouts of a frenzy of having Mongol/Turkic pedigree, hence idolizing Ghaznavis, Baburs, Ertugrul and other opportunistic self-styled Ghazis, had been observed.

However, at no point in time, they had felt closer to their more immediate neighbours Iran and India; of course where is the bloodshed and gory disposition in that? Still, Pakistanis get questioned on historical and civilizational facts, uncomfortably so.

Finally, Imran Khan and BajCo have a solution to that. It is all going to change.

Cultural Coup d’état shall be coming from the direction no one can anticipate: China.

Finally, Chinese lineage is what Imran Khan and Bajwa are going to insist on Pakistani Awam, and with generous intellectual support of Ulema and Radical infrastructure, they don’t see much of a resistance to that transition.

With pockets of Chinese downtown coming up inside Pakistan, Awam can serve them in their shanties nearby. Awam shall finally be content and safe against the omniabsent Indian Threat owing to their new ideological masters.

A missile in the name of Emperor Zhou of the Shang Dynasty will make Indians shiver across the border. However, Xi Jinping promised he shall triumph such emperor’s achievement in the mad-corrupt inhumaneness index, with his own Uyghur pogrom and with communist party CCP’s(Chinese Communist Party) corruption as well as furthering of their own families in Chinese business all over the world.

 Keeping in view his unfinished agenda of Pakistani Awam’s annihilation after he is done with Uyghurs, Mongolians, Vietnamese and Taiwan-HongKong-Macau, a missile in Xi Jinping’s name is likely to be instituted, says Imran Khan.

Of course, Imran Khan and Bajwa shall be regular caregivers of their beloved Awam from their London and Atlanta estates. Other Generals shall be ever ready for their Awam from their retirement homes in Europe and Dubai.

All that of course over Douyin.

21 Jan 22/Friday                                                                            Written By: Fayaz

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